Software Solution and IT Planning

We study the existing IT infrastructure, the area to be computerized and the ultimate goal. We provide you the best and reliable solution fit to your IT budget. We have the best recourse to handle your following IT needs. Plan typically focus on financial goals. A business plan that has changes in perception and branding as its primary goals is called a marketing plan. We facilitate our cliets with all short of facilities. You just come with your saleable & we will make it happeni

Focus Area:

Personal Computing systems Computer networking : Personal Area Network (PAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Campus Area Network (CAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), or Wide Area Network (wan). With all type of communication device: be it a modem, a router, a firewall, a repeater or a switch or a RF equipment we provide you the best solution fit to your need.

Clint Server techniques, both direct & web browsers based.

Intranet solution : is a set of inter connected networks, using the internet protocol and uses IP-based tools under the control of a single administrative entity which closes the intranet to the rest of the world, and allows only specific users. This is a solution for the internal network of a company.

Data storage & retrival solution

Archive technology useful for converting the documents to digital format suitable for E-journals, Old writings, Manuscripts, Books and plans